The Children's Ministry vision is to create a class that will lead students to know Jesus Christ by heart and follow His teachings through personal discoveries the Bible will reveal by the power of the Holy Spirit.
*The Bible is trustworthy - We can trust all of God’s Word.
*​Historical Teaching - The Bible presents true history, not just stories.
​ *Life Application - We are to live in light of what the Bible teaches.

The Women’s Ministry, also known as WMU (Women’s Missionary Union), is a fellowship for young girls, young women and mature women in the Lord that seek to create an atmosphere of intimate friendships through Bible Study, prayer-partners, outings, and joining together in mission causes that speak to our hearts. We invite you to join us in fellowship!

Sunday School Ministry 

vision is to create a class that will lead students to personally know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, follow His teachings that transform lives and discover the truth the Bible will reveal to them through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is our mission to encourage students to care for one another, disciple and develop them to become committed followers of Christ and commission them to share the Gospel. We have three adult classes, Ruth for women, Adam for men and Timothy for young adult. We also have Youth and Children classes.

Melvin Medina

Men's Ministry

Jaylynn Saure

Music (chair)

Carol Diongzon

Women's Ministry

The Youth Ministry seeks to promote and provide a safe, healthy environment for all young people to comfortably express their faith and love of Jesus Christ, to find their identity in Christ and to cultivate their talents & gifts for the Lord's service.  

​​Agape Baptist Church

Music Ministry
The Music Ministry is a dynamic, inclusive ministry that empowers people in worship, ministers to the congregation, helps participants grow musically and spiritually, and provides opportunities for service.


Sheryl Unciano

Children's Coordinator

The Brotherhood Ministry
The Men’s ministry, also known as “The Brotherhood”, is a fellowship for young boys, young men and mature men. The Brotherhood seeks to strengthen each other as pillars of the church through Bible study, prayer, encouragement, and fostering activities & events that promote camaraderie and values of being a Christ
follower. We invite you to join us in fellowship!