Agape Baptist Church

Founded: 1991

Agape was founded for the purpose of reaching out to Filipinos & Internationals living in Washington, DC, Maryland & Virginia through the Good news of Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ministries & Fellowship

Agape History

Agape Baptist Church

ABC had a humble beginning. She was called then, Filipino Christian Fellowship. Eva Cebritas had a vision about starting a Bible study among Filipinos worshiping at Wisconsin Avenue Baptist Church. She shared her burden with Brother Jun Diongzon, a deacon of the church. Together with six ladies, namely Carol Diongzon, Betty Friolo, Delia Lustracion, Andress Viernes, Eva Cebritas, and Emilia. They met with Rev. Cecil Mahendranath who was the interim pastor at that time and discussed the possibility of starting a fellowship among internationals. It was in January 21, 1991 that the group met once a month on a Sunday afternoon for singspiration, prayer, sharing of testimonies and worship.

Children's Ministry

The Children's class vision is to create a class that will lead students to know Jesus Christ by heart and follow His teachings through personal discoveries the Bible will reveal by the power of the Holy Spirit.

*The Bible is trustworthy - We can trust all of God’s Word.

*​Historical Teaching - The Bible presents true history, not just stories.

​ *Life Application - We are to live in light of what the Bible teaches.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry at ABC seeks to promote and provide a safe, healthy environment for all young people to comfortably express their faith and love of Jesus Christ, to find their identity in Christ and to cultivate their talents & gifts for the Lord's service.  

Women's Missionary Union

The Women’s Ministry of Agape Baptist Church, also known as WMU (Women’s Missionary Union), is a fellowship for young girls, young women and mature women in the Lord that seek to create an atmosphere of intimate friendships through Bible Study, prayer-partners, outings, and joining together in mission causes that speak to our hearts. We invite you to join us in fellowship!

The Brotherhood Ministry
The Men’s ministry of Agape Baptist Church, also known as “The

Brotherhood”, is a fellowship for young boys, young men and mature men. The Brotherhood seeks to strengthen each other as
pillars of the church through Bible study, prayer, encouragement, and fostering
activities & events that promote camaraderie and values of being a Christ
follower. We invite you to join us in fellowship!

Married Life Ministry

The Marriage Life Ministry of Agape Baptist Church is a fellowship open for married people. This ministry, with the help of the Holy Spirit, seeks to foster an atmosphere of intimacy and understanding through meaningful relationships in the group while supporting and praying for each other in times of struggle during married life and rejoicing with each other in blessings. We gather in form of conversation forums, activities/events and Bible Studies. We invite you to join us if you are married or engaged and join us in strengthening our families in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry of Agape Baptist Church is a dynamic, inclusive ministry that empowers people in worship, ministers to the congregation, helps participants grow musically and spiritually, and provides opportunities for service.

Outreach Ministry

It is the mission of the Outreach Team to help lead, equip and train the body to reach the unsaved.  They shall find ways within the community where people’s lives can be touched by the love of Christ.