Pastor James announced...
his retirement September 2017 and his last Sunday of pulpit ministry on Dec 31, 2017.

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Shine in the love of God's grace, every day.

We would love to see you as you seek to worship, study & fellowship around God’s holy words together with us. The church is not a building, its people! It’s a place for people who seek a meaningful relationship with God and with each other. We offer Jesus, to meet him and belong, a place to discover God & serve.


What Do We Teach?

Agape Baptist Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Church prays and supports the vision and the commitment of the Convention.  Our doctrinal beliefs are outlined in the Baptist Faith and Message

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What Are Our Core Values?

Just as Jesus said in the Beatitudes, blessed are the poor and the hungry. Our mission is not just to love one another, but to make sure we spread the love of the Gospels everywhere.


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As the Lord placed in the hearts of the founders in 1991, the burden and vision of reaching Filipinos and Internationals with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the DC Metropolitan area. 

Agape Vision
will be a church that molds & deploys maturing & equipped followers of Christ for family, community, and global transformation.

Agape Baptist Church

Sunday Worship Live Stream
Live Stream is now available for Sunday worship services on our YouTube channel: